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María José Leaves The Microphone Behind For A Dentist’s Drill

Gone is the “chiquilla” (young girl) from Barva de Heredia who had the entire country behind her in 2008 for her participation in Latin American Idol On the show she ended as the runner-up, losing to Margarita Henríquez.

doc-184160Her debut album, “María José”, was released on November 25, 2008. The album was successful, debuting on the Costa Rican Top 10 albums on position 5. Its lead single, “Abre Tu Corazón”, entered the Costa Rican Top 40 at position 3.

Today is a totally different person, leaving behind the spotlights of show business to study Dentistry.

She now spends her time from university to the clinic. “I don’t even have time for the gym”, says the thinner and more grown up María José.

To realize her dream of becoming a dentist, María José had to make another life changing decision: leave the barrio, leaving parents behind for the big city of San José, San Pedro in reality, close to the university and work and where she now lives with her sister.

“I only seem them (her parents) on weekends”, says María José.

Another change in her life is that now few stop her on the street like they did when she was an international star. “Sure, I have patients who recognize her and congratulate her”, says the young singer, now turned dentist.

 Via Facebook María José doing what she likes.
Via Facebook María José doing what she likes.