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Puriscal Man Has Decades of Collecting Cologne Bottles

Some collect stamps, trinkets from all over the world, however, Costa Rica’s Álvaro Artavia Fernández has a very particular hobby: he loves to collect bottles of cologne he has used during his life.

The 41 year old man, a resident of Leguita de Mercedes Sur de Puriscal, estimates he has used splashed on some 42 litres, starting his hobby around 15 years of age.

Most curious of all, and as he tells it, is that even though he used hundreds of different brands of cologne, most of which have been gifts by friends, family and even a girlfriend or two (noviecillas in Spanish).

Artavia added that his neighbours help him out with his hobby, giving him empty bottles to place on his wall.

His collection includes Taxi, Drakkar, Carolina Herrera, Drut, Montauro, Camello, Perry Ellis, Tommy, Gillete and Acero.

Spekaing to the DIARO EXTRA, he said “at the time I started this particular collection I had more girlfriends I could handle, always giving me gifts. In fact, that’s how I met the woman who is now my wife…”.